Land Record Computerisation

This important computerisation project was started in year 1996. Initially data was entered at NIC District Centre, Pali. Then this data was processed and converted on Windows platform and shifted to LRC Apna Khata centres in thesils of district Pali. Now latest Apna Khata ver. 5.0 has been implemented in all the nine tehsils of the district Pali. With help of this citizens can get their ROR (Record of Right) copy from either tehsil Apna Khata centre or over internet from authorised Cyber Cafes. Apna Khata ver 5.0 has various advanced features in comparison to its previous ver. 4.0. Apna Khata “delivers instant, accurate & updated ROR to common man". Apna Khata is an ambitious programme of state government, Ministry of Rural Development and National Informatics Centre (NIC) to make land records management more transparent. To deliver the ROR, now state government is devising mechanism to authorize kiosks holders. Apna Khata ver 5.0 is a user-friendly package, with facilities for updation of khata & khasra's found in Jamabandi, automatic creation of new chausala at tehsil Apna Khata centre. Features of this version are Nakal using Khata, Khasra, Mutation number and any combination of these, Generation of P-35 automatically, differential backup facility etc.



Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) has also been implemented in pali District An act to provide for the enhancement of livelihood security of the poor households in rural areas. Providing at least one hundred days of guaranteed wage employment in every financial year of every household whose adult member volunteer to do unskilled manual work. District Pali was included in PHASE III. This project has been sucessfully running in all the ten blocks of the district Pali.E-Muster Roll has been implemented and generated successfully in all the blocks.



Reality check of Basic Amenities and other services of all the villages of the district (>1000). Ø Collection of basic amenities related information of every village every month. Ø Handpumps, Transformers, Schools, Hospitals, Fair Price Shops, Aanganbari Centres, Agriculture etc. related amenities and services evaluation. Ø Monthly on-line EG-2 format data entry by all the 10 blocks. Ø Yearly one time online EG-1 format data entry to accommodate updation in master data. Ø Progress review by the Chief Secretary on monthly basis.



e-Mitra Project is aimed at providing various citizen-centric services of various government departments in integrated form through service & information delivery centres. This e-Mitra initiative aims to make the interaction between government and citizens, government and business enterprises, and inter-agency relationships G2G more friendly, convenient, transparent and inexpensive.


Total IKF Seva Kiosks:12

Total CMS Kiosks:3

Total VSTL Kiosks:4

Existing G2C Services: Electricity Bill, Water Bill, Landline Phone Bill, Mobile Phone

Bill etc.