Administrative Setup  

The  State  government  has  divided  the  Pali  district  in  Nine subdivisions viz. Pali,  Bali,  Sojat,  Desuri, Sumerpur, Rohat, M.Jn., Raipur and   Jaitaran.  Each Sub-Division  is  looked  after  by  the  Sub-divisional Officer/Magistrate  under  the Collector  and   District Magistrate, Pali. One Additional District Magistrate is also  present  to  execute  all  the  work.  The  District comprises of 10 tehsils as follows:

Sub Division Tehsils Nagar/Township No. of Villages
Pali Pali 1 88
Rohat Rohat 0 80
Bali Bali 2 113
Sumerpur Sumerpur 2 70
Sojat Sojat 1 125
Marwar Junction Marwar Junction 1 157
Jaitaran Jaitaran 1 118
Raipur Raipur 0 141
Desuri Desuri 1 81
Desuri Rani 1 77


A tehsil contains a number of Patwar-Mandals, each of which has a Patwari to serve the landholders and farmers at the village level.
There are ten Panchayat Samitis (Blocks)  in the District which are further divided into 320 Gram Panchayats ( Primary Rural Local Bodies ). Each block has a BDO (Block Development Officer) to serve as the  representative of the district administration in the rural areas.

Panchayat Samiti No. of Grampanchayat No. of Villages
Pali 23 82
Rohat 23 81
Bali 39 109
Sumerpur 29 69
Desuri 24 78
Jaitaran 33 114
Raipur 35 141
Sojat 38 125
Marwar Junction 47 148
Rani 29 77

  The working of the Panchayat Samiti and Gram Panchayats is coordinated and administered by Zila Parishad (District Council) consisting of 33 Members. Various development works and projects at the rural level (Gram Panchayat Level) are run through Block offices. One Gram Sevak is appointed at each Gram Panchayat to keep record of the development works and to project required development works. The District is represented in State Legislature by six MLAs, one Member of Parliament is also elected by the public.